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April 01, 2011


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This is fantastic writing and a great viewpoint. I have been an armchair quarterback of textual transmission issues every since I found a book by HGG Herklots, How our Bible came to us. Thanks for the editor's viewpoint on all the compilation theories. I'm at the point that if I believe in the absolutely crazy ideas that some Jewish carpenter's son lived and died almost 2000 years ago to put me in right standing before God then I can easily believe that this same God could get His Words to us just as He wished.

Ibn Nafa'a

Good reasoning but... I think your perspective would be perfected by considering wether this text was "inspired" or not. Lets assume that i may not be written by many authers as such but rather a quilt of old and new stories composed i one fell swoop around 600 bc +-, how was this brilliant text composed to such a high standard, if it wasn't for a divine inspiration on the editors part? I got these ideas reading through the works of Cyrus Hertzel Gordons various books on the origins of the bible and many others, and dispite detailed discussion on the different books and stories of the torah he would return to the question of inspiration.

Tawn Gorbutt

Moses and Shakespeare should start a club...for authors whose work is so beautiful, so complete and so precious that they could not possibly have written it themselves. I believe that the refusal to accept Moses' authorship is a refusal to accept the human capacity to be touched or enlightened by the divine. I'm convinced that Moses wrote the books and God helped. He helped in the initial authorship, in the preservation of the text (in written form or otherwise) and in some later editorial work...presumably and reasonably done by other devout people. That's what makes it a religious text...a profound evidence that God loves his children and is willing to share His divinity with them.

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